Our Services

Insurance replacements:

In life, things happen. Whether you've lost a favorite earring, discovered a gemstone missing from an heirloom piece, or dropped a timepiece that now doesn't work, we can help. At Marrella & Company, we will be certain to amicably settle a proper repair or replacement with your insurance company.


We offer a variety of appraisals. We appraise jewelry, watches, art and antiques for insurance and estate settlement purposes by our certified appraiser/graduate gemologist.

Custom work:

Throughout the years, like many things, styles change... and so does jewelry. At Marrella & Company, we excel in our custom design work. Whether it be restyling or recreating an heirloom piece, our designers can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece for you to enjoy for a lifetime, and pass on to future generations.

Repair and restoration:

Jewelry is meant to be worn. Although it is very durable, it can, from time to time need repair. For over 25 years John Marrella has been in the business of jewelry and watch repair, and at Marrella & Company, you can feel very confident that your belongings rarely have to leave our store for service. From simple chain repairs, polishing and cleaning of rings, changing of watch batteries or resetting of diamonds, John will be able to work with you to your complete satisfaction. We do all of our work in our own shop. Repair and restoration on all of your jewelry is done by our master jeweler or our certified watchmaker. 

Gift wrapping:

We always offer complimentary gift wrapping and enclosure note cards to all of our customers. We believe that our packaging should be equally as beautiful as the jewelry within.

Gift cards:

Unsure of what to buy? A gift card may be the answer. Marrella & Company gift cards are available anytime, and they never expire. Gift cards can be a great thing for a friend, family member on a special occasion, or that special someone in your life.

Shipping services:

We live in a busy world. For your convenience, we offer a variety of shipping services via UPS or USPS.

Consignment, trade-ins and buying:

At Marrella & Company, we are dedicated to serving your needs. That being said, our services include jewelry consignment, trade-ins, re-styling, buying and selling.

Jewelry inspection and cleaning:

We recommend you have your jewelry inspected every 6 months. We are always happy to clean and inspect your jewelry while you wait, and at no cost.

Corporate gifts:

At our store we offer a variety of options for our corporate customers, from custom designed identity items to presentation gifts for any special occasion.